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Marianne Hieb
The spirituality events presented by Our Lady of Lourdes Wellness Center are wholistic in their approach. Frequently the event is designed with a special theme, but all include opportunities for contemplative prayer, sharing, input on wholistic spirituality, exercise and movement. Time for solitude and for listening to God's special Word to the individual and to the group is valued and reverenced.


The retreat staff at Lourdes Wellness Center also offers special programs to select groups. If your organization would like to offer a Lourdes Human Wholeness Retreat program or to schedule an appointment, call 856-869-8190. A limited number of requests are filled each year.

Explore your journey to wholeness with these exciting new offerings at Lourdes Wellness Center. Join us for prayer, reflection, writing, Meditative and Canticle prayer walks in the Canticle Garden of Peace, Mediation and Healing and creative expression.

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Inner Journeying Through Art-Journaling

Learning to See and Record Your Life as a Work of Art

Marianne Hieb's book, Inner Journeying Through Art Journaling, introduces a wholistic journaling process that combines art, art therapy, design theory and spiritual direction in order to attain personal balance, and enhanced wellness.

The book guides the reader through the process of creative journaling and presents the key elements of the technique. Case studies and art journals of Marianne Hieb's own clients and retreat participants show the effectiveness of journaling as a therapeutic intervention and as a meditative tool.

Inner Journeying Through Art Journaling will be of significant use to anyone interested in wholistic healing, and of special interest to art therapists, counselors, spiritual directors and anyone dealing with people who are encountering loss, grief, resistance, or discernment issues. It will also be helpful for the individual looking to add wholistic journaling to his or her own meditation, prayer or inner exploration practice.

Marianne Hieb, RSM, MFA, ATR, D.Min, is trained as a studio artist, art therapist, spiritual director, and is currently the director of the Wellness Spirituality Programs at Lourdes Wellness Center in New Jersey. She is a Sister of Mercy.

To order visit: or call 856-869-8190 or toll free at 1-866-416-1078. Books are $24.95 each.

Spiritual Direction

Individual Supervision for Spiritual Directors
These sessions are offered for a spiritual director who would like to meet on an individual basis with a certified supervisor of spiritual directors for on-going growth in the ministry of spiritual direction.
Suggested Donation: $25 – $60.

Individual Spiritual Direction Sessions
Spiritual Direction is a way to go deeper in one's ordinary life. "In the midst of a busy life, it is often difficult to notice God's action in their daily affairs. Yet, at the deepest level, all of us long for a more conscious experience of God's/Higher Power's presence and love." (Spiritual Director's International)
Suggested Donation: $25 – $60.

Donation for Spirituality Sessions: $10 for 1hr./$15 for 1 1/2 hrs.
(Group Spiritual Direction/Lenten Series: $12 per person when registering for series.

Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled session.

What is Spiritual Direction?
So many hear this phrase and ask, "What is it really?" Spiritual Direction is simply an opportunity to share with another what is happening in prayer and/in everyday life. It is a way of exploring where and how God/Higher Power may be gently talking to us in and through our everyday life experiences. We don't a lways realize that in each of us there exists a basic desire to be close to God/my Higher Power.

Sometimes, we begin to notice that our usual forms of prayer are neither satisfying nor fulfilling. We feel as if meaning is missing in life. We feel as if we are missing something. We want to know God better, but often we are not able to put this longing into words.

Sharing our journey with another can help us to hear and understand more clearly what it is that we are seeing/noticing. Spiritual Direction helps us to articulate these desires/experiences. It enables us to look at these things differently and to understand our everyday life events and/or our everyday prayer experiences in light of a deeper meaning in life.

Who is a Spiritual Director?
A Spiritual Director is a person trained in attending to the subtle movements occurring within a person's or group's prayer life.

A Spiritual Director is neither a therapist nor a counselor, but rather a person trained to help us focus on and explore the movements of God within our individual everyday life experiences.

Sister Ruthann T. O'Mara, SSJ, is a spiritual director who holds a Master Degree in Spiritual Direction from Chestnut Hill College, PA, which entailed a three-year internship in spiritual direction. She has been a spiritual director and retreat leader for many years.

What does Spiritual Direction Involve?
Spiritual Direction involves meeting with a Director once a month for about 50 minutes to an hour. During this time, you will share with your director what is happening in your everyday life; that is, where you would like to find God in your everyday life.

Is Spiritual Direction for Me?
Each of us is called to a closer more intimate relationship with God/Higher Power. Articulating our religious experience with another in Spiritual Direction heightens our self-awareness, deepens our spirituality and enables us to find God/Higher Power in all things.

Is there a donation/offering?
The donation at Lourdes Wellness Center is an offering that is usually between $25 and $60. Some, of course, can afford more, others less.

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